Quonset Huts.

Quonset Huts were the name given to huts made of corrugated steel that were developed by the Americans to fulfill the need for instant shelters during World War 2. Based on the Nissen huts used by the British during World War 1 for the same purpose. A Nissen hut could be loaded on a 3 ton truck and could be assembled by six men in four hours.

Quonset huts are named after Quonset Point in the U.S.A where they were first manufactured. Hundreds of thousands of these huts were in use during the War. They can still be seen in the U.K ; U.S.A and Australia. I have yet to see one in South Africa, but I am sure there will be some in an old military base somewhere.

They were easy to assemble and disassemble and had strength from the curved steel. This design is still used for cost effective storeage, no walls are needed as the curve is anchored in the ground.

They illustrate the strength of curved corrugated steel, also used in water tanks and grain silos.

The photograph shows a Quonset Church in Yukon, with very creative use of curved corrugated steel




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