Grain Silo Home.

Corrugated iron has a good strength relative to it’s weight. When a curved sheet has been fixed in a circular form it is very strong, that’s why we use the material for building water tanks. Another common use for this material is the construction of farm grain silos which hold grains with a higher density than water. This silo structure also lends itself to some imaginative home designs that will blend into a rural environment. Have a look at this photograph.

This type of silo home conversion is relatively common in the U.S.A where there are unused silos on smaller farms, and a google search of “grain bin homes” will show several designs. In South Africa this could be an interesting design for properties where grain silos are common such as dairy and grain farms.

Attention will need to be paid to insulation, but if the Americans can do it with their variations in temperatures,then it would be fairly easy to find local insulating materials to do the job.


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