Not Rainwater Tanks.

We had an unusual and interesting request a few weeks back. Stef Prioreschi from Sets Non Stop phoned with an urgent request for two water tanks that were needed in Johannesburg for a movie set. Transport from the Cape is always a challenge, this time we found a truck with space. The next challenge was material, the order was confirmed Thursday morning and the tanks had to be loaded Friday 10.00am. Local suppliers needed 3 working days to roll the corrugated sheets, so we headed off to a large scrap metal buiness where we found suitable material after sorting through piles of old corrugated sheets. The tanks were going to be aged for the set, and didn’t actually need to hold water, so used material was fine.

Back at the factory,we started work on these two 2m diameter tanks, making them in sections that would nest to save on transport. We had to rig up some lights as our new factory was still waiting for lights to be installed. A late night and an early start on Friday enabled us to get the tanks loaded on time. The tank manhole lids had to be couriered up later as we ran out of time for them.

Sets Non Stop did a good job of assembling our kit form tanks and making them look suitably old and pineapplish. They were a great company to work with, and we were happy to have been able to help.

We are excited that our Johannesburg factory is scheduled to be operational by the end of June 2012, and that we will be able to service Gauteng and surrounding areas. This will make a big difference as transport from Stellenbosch is not normally viable.

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