Annual Eastern Cape Corrugated Tank Survey (ECCTS).


This survey was done between King Williams Town and Port Edward. Counting and spotting being done at high speed ( always within the speed limit). Only functioning corrugated steel water tanks were counted, This excludes ones with obvious holes or lieing horizontal or with poultry inside . The count is fairly scientific, although the fact that the counter was paid per tank spotted could have led to a degree of bias. The driver was also not interested in slowing or going back to verify sightings, meaning that this census was based on trust. The counter was also sometimes distracted by horses, Harry Potter 8, or anything more interesting, poor light and the fact that at times she couldnt see out the window due to slipping towards the horizontal below window level.( A periscope will come in handy for the next survey, and we believe the Navy has a few unused ones).

The outcome: 75 tanks were counted!

Questions for possible doctoral theses:

1. Why are these tanks so numerous here as opposed to say KZN Midlands – Durban to Ladysmith- zero tanks.

2. Is there a correlation between corrugated steel water tanks and horses. ECCT 2 was done simultaneously with a horse count!

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