Round tanks.

Round tanks are the standard in the industry as they have great strength without the need for extra material or bracing. Round tanks have been in use for over a hundred years and are part of South Africa’s architectural heritage.


Galvanised corrugated steel is used for the tank sides. In most cases an 0.8mm thick steel is used. Base and roof are made from flat sheeting of the same thickness. The sections are joined using aluminium rivets.  The underside of the base ( outside of tank) is coated in a rubberised bitumen coating that prevents corrosion.

RainQueen round tanks have a flat roof that is securely attached to the walls. The top has a 400mm manhole with lid, and the gutter down pipe  normally enters the tank through a hole in the lid. This should be a close fit to stop light entering the tank.

Outlets and overflows can be fitted according to customers requirements.  Standard fittings are a 40mm threaded outlet and a 40mm threaded overflow and two eye bolts ( to fasten the tank to its stand ).

Optional extras: a stainless steel mesh, mosquito-proof  leaf trap that fits in the manhole and prevents leaves and other debris from entering the tank.

Uses: Round tanks can be used for rain-water storage and emergency water storage.

Advantages: Corrugated steel tanks are strong, fireproof, look good, environmentally friendly, are custom-made and hand-crafted.

Sizes and Pricing:

PLEASE NOTE: Not all Roof / Gutter combinations are an ideal match for a corrugated steel tank. To ensure the long-term longevity of your tank please click here to check tank compatibility. Alternative options include a potable water liner (suitable for drinking water) or a corrugated sleeve to cover an existing plastic tank.

265 0.66M 0.8 M R 1 380,00
450 0.9M 0.8M R 1 660,00
750 0.76M 1.85M R 2 900,00
800 1.2M 0.8M R 2 290,00
900 0.9M 1.55M R 3 560,00
1100 0.9M 1.8M R 3 880,00
1350 0.9M 2.2M R 4 895,00
1700 1.2M 1.55M R 4 705,00
1940 1.2M 1.8M R 5 445,00
2400 1.2M 2.2M R 6 050,00
2400 1.4M 1.7M R 6 530,00
3400 1.7M 1.5M R 6 990,00
5000 1.7M 2.2M R 9 845,00
5800 2.2M 1.55M R 10 545,00
7750 2.6M 1.55 R 12 450,00
8250 2.2M 2.2M R 12 450,00
10 000 2.2M 2.7M R 12 925,00

Customised tanks.

We can make tanks to any diameter and height. Please contact us for a quotation.

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Rainqueen Tanks