Streamline tank (Slimline/Thin)

Space saving.

Streamline tanks are space saving, and are useful in areas or on properties where space is a limiting factor. The area around a round tank is often wasted or difficult to utilise for gardening.

Less conspicuous.

Because they have  long straight sides, they fit flush against a wall and will even tuck under the eaves of a home. So for those who find a large round rain water tank too imposing, the Streamline tank offers an inconspicuous solution. The height of the tank can be chosen so that the tank fits beneath a window.

Good Looking.

The Streamline tank have a modern appealing look to them. These tanks will fit in with most house designs.


Streamline tanks need additional bracing to stop the long walls bowing with water pressure. These braces need to be corrosion proof and they are time- consuming to fit, resulting in a tank that is more costly per litre than a round tank.


Streamline tanks are normally smaller than round tanks and fit into smaller spaces such as a courtyard or alley. They can also be placed close to the place where water will be needed.

They are ideal as a drinking water tank situated close to a kitchen external door. The water can be used for drinking and cooking. The Streamline tank can also be a useful emergency back-up in case of an interruption in Municipal supply, and can be topped up with Municipal water if necessary.

Sizes and Pricing :

PLEASE NOTE: Not all Roof / Gutter combinations are an ideal match for a corrugated steel tank. To ensure the long-term longevity of your tank please click here to check tank compatibility. The alternative option is to have your tank painted internally with a food grade polyurethane paint.

700 800MM 1300MM 800MM R 3 305,00
920 550MM 1300MM 1500MM R 4 020,00
1080  800MM  1800MM  800MM R 4 070,00
1300 800MM 1300MM 1500MM R 4 450,00
2000 875MM 1300MM 2200MM R 7 120,00
2000 875MM 1800MM 1500MM R 7 120,00
2600 875MM 1600MM 2200MM R 8 070,00
3000 875MM 1825MM 2200MM R 10 450,00


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