Tank Selection Criteria & Compatability

Rainwater Harvesting

Roof Material Galvanised tank Galvanised tank with liner Plastic tank with corrugated sleeve
Roof zincalume No Yes yes
Roof chromadek No Yes yes
Roof galvanised steel yes Optional Optional
Roof tile Yes Optional Optional

Borehole Water

 PH Galvanised Tank Galvanised tank with liner Plastic tank with corrugated sleeve
Below 6 No Yes Yes
Above 11 No Yes yes
Soft,l ess than 50mg/litre Calcium Carbonate No Yes Yes
Acid mine water No Yes Yes

Other considerations

Water Temp Galvanised tank Galvanised Tank with liner Stainless Steel Tank Plastic tank with corrugated sleeve
More than 55 degrees C No Yes Yes No
Gray Water No Yes Yes Yes

High air pollution: Paint outside of tank.

Close to sea (less than 1 Km): paint outside of tank .



Certain roofing materials are inert in that they do not react with water falling on their surface. If water flows from an inert surface onto / into a galvanized steel surface, the corrosion of the galvanized steel surface is accelerated.



Please note there is a difference  between various corrugated steel looking roofs. They are either Galvanized steel / Zincalume / Chromadek.

Galvanized / tiled roofs are compatible with a galvanized tank.

Zincalume & Chromadek roofs/ gutters are inert – we recommend choosing a tank that is painted internally and where overflows are piped away from the tank.

How do I know if my roof / gutter is Zincalume / Chromadek?

New roofs are likely to be Zincalume / Chromadek while older roofs are generally galvanized steel.



We have two alternatives available to you:

  1. We line the corrugated tank with a PVC liner suitable for  drinking water.
  2. We can offer you a corrugated sleeve to cover your plastic tank – see sleeves for plastic tanks under product section


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